About Us

The Business and Dream

We all come to that moment of realisation, where as much as we wished our bodies were still in top condition, participating in sport these days for us is fun, social, and a great way to get together with friends. The post game debrief now consists of gathering around family and friends.

This was where the Dream was born.

How can we give back to the sporting community, which has done so much for us?

With the progression into family life, children entering the picture, packing up and moving into different areas and new environments. We began to find a void whereby there was no quick, simple solution to find local sporting clubs or services online catering for all sports. 

Without knowing the various acronyms for sporting associations, or trawling through convoluted governing websites, some clubs are becoming lost within the irrelevant content appearing on popular search engines, not to mention the smaller codes that can easily be overlooked. There are many clubs and codes without an online presence, but can be found just around the corner from us all.

There needed to be a better way, a one stop shop if you wish, providing the desired solutions to the hurdles previously mentioned. 

Instead of waiting - we got to work!


The Crew

Michael and Sam are long time mates who met while playing local club Soccer almost 10 years ago. Both have been involved in a variety of sports since early childhood and can be found watching a multitude of sports week in week out. They firmly believe and think you will too, that searching all things sports should be fun, easy, quick and most importantly, stress free!

"Cy Sports is a linking service that allows us to stay involved, giving back to the community by connecting sport lovers with sports and clubs that suit their needs or desires. It’s a way we can give back to the codes as a thank you for the 20+ years of sporting involvement we have had so far".

In the business realm, Sam has spent the last decade building IT solutions and Web development for a leading Skin Care company.

Michael has had nine years’ experience in the Liquor Industry. Learning his craft in retail, before crossing over into business management for a highly specialised Import / Wholesale enterprise.