Players looking for a club

Does this cost?

We provide our service free of charge to its users. In return we hope you will share the site with your friends and family.

Can I register through you?

At this stage, we only act as a medium between you and your chosen sporting club. We don’t take a percentage from registration fees, thus avoiding costs to your club which in turn keeps funds invested in your club and hopefully lower fees for you.

My current club is not listed with you, why?

Your club may be one of the 70000 sporting clubs and organisations Australia wide that we are striving to contact.  We would LOVE if you contacted us to let us know your club’s details so we may contact them personally and create the listing for you.

Clubs looking for Players

How does this site work?

Our Site is simple but effective. It involves lots of little working parts that come together to create one BIG community. CY Sports is an online portal linking the Australian public directly to sporting clubs, facilities and retailers nationwide. We aim to provide the most comprehensive national sports database to simplify the search process for all Australians. We will assist in the creation of your Club Profile. Your Profile is designed to display all the relevant information a potential member needs to know before contacting you and joining your club.

What do we offer?

CY Sports adapts a one size fits all approach for our search capabilities. Our categories and filters enable easy searching of all local sporting services and provide a comprehensive list of all the sporting activities available to the public locally.

Our service removes the confusion, loss of time and out-dated contact information, which can be stressful when browsing multiple websites looking for answer.

How much is it?

We feel that promoting your club should not be expensive. Our Membership fees are based on a minimal $10 per month plus GST subscription. Fees are due and charged on an annual basis to minimise and simplify the administration process for you. All charitable organisations supporting disability in sport will be provided with free subscriptions and web support.

Where do my membership fees go?

The membership costs enable us to provide a range of services,  including but not limited to:

-          SEO (Search engine Optimisation)

-          Re-investment into supporting local sporting clubs

-          Marketing (online and print)

-          Website hosting, development, maintenance, data security and integrity.

Can we edit and update our own listing?

Definitely! We want the world to know what your Club or store has to offer. Sell yourself and highlight what makes you, YOU!  We have the ability to list all your contact details, website, location, upcoming events such as Gala days or Registration days and Merchandise sales.

Contact us about how we can help, we are always here to assist. We strive to make your listing as smooth and as easy as possible in order to promote your site and facilities sooner.

How will you market our club\service?

The great thing about our website is the fact that our marketing strategy takes care of your marketing needs. We will do everything we can to promote ourselves which in turn promotes your club\retail outlet directly. Increased traffic to the right spot – Your website!

-          Social Media

-          Achieving top search engine presence

-          Print campaigns in local areas, and

-          Various broader community and online advertising solutions.

Becoming closer to and working with major sporting industry brands is a future goal for CY Sports. We are building great working relationships so that we can create greater benefits to your club members and also give back to you as a club.

What makes CY Sports different from other sites?

Hopefully you’ve noticed our site by now. We pride ourselves on a simplified approach to functionality and an amazing visual appeal. We want to remain attractive, drawing in potential clients for your club and making it simple for them to find what they need – A DIRECT LINK TO YOU!

Your participation will allow us to invest in and promote local sports, thus ensuring our organisation continues to improve and develop products for you and your potential participants.

We are determined and strive to become the #1 National Sports database and will do what we can to make this a reality.

Do we need our own website?

No – In fact this is the reason we are here! We want you to be found! We know building and maintaining websites can be difficult (not to mention expensive!) especially when you are trying to run your organisation.

We want to enable you to effortlessly update your page through the online portal, click save and get back to the important stuff - the clients, the sport and the success and happiness of the local community.

Is there a discount for multiple sports?

We are working on introducing a teired pricing structure for clubs to list all their sporting types. Please touch base with us if this is of interest to you.

How are search results sorted on the site?

Results are categorised by the user selected attributes, before being sorted by Alpabetically. Users have the ability to select a specific sport, or search for all ‘ball sports’, played by ‘junior women’, in a ‘summer competition’. It's totally up to their needs!!